NiS Universal income

Your NiS A.I. Agent

Your NiS A.I. Autonomous Agent works for you.


Join NiS Community

Under a UIS system, every eligible person, typically citizens from a specified community, would receive a fixed amount of resources on a regular basis, without any means-testing or work requirements.


Mint your NiS AI Agent

You can create one or more NiS AI Agents and earn more for each NiS AI owned.


Earn 10.000 USDT

Earn 20 USDT/month for each NiS AI created.
Create more NiS AI Agents to generate more wealth.
You can earn up to 10.000 USDT. This is a max-cap for the anti-manipulation & whales protection system.

NiS Circular Economics

Create NiS AI


Hire your NiS A.I. Autonoumous Agent and let it work for you.
Create NiS AI to generate 20 USDT / month for 1 year.

  • Create Your own NiS AI

  • Assambling Cost 100 USDT

  • Income 20 USDT / month

  • You can have more Agents

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